BOHO Yoga And Her Journey

At a young age I was introduced to yoga and immediately fell in love with its healing benefits and the journey it took me on.  I began practicing amongst many studios but mostly in Bali Ubud – With the knowledge of teachers from all over the world The Yoga Barn was my go to place to learn and soak up more of this beautiful craft. I have also spent some time in Sri Lanka immersing into the diverse culture and crafts of yoga and its teachings and learning many Aryuvedic Practices and clean eating – cooking and preparing of wholesome foods.

Since then I attended many retreats and was craving various types of yoga and teachers that were not conformed or regimented but taught from the heart enveloping a mixture of flow, yin style practice and kundalini.

My journey begun when I met Harijwan from Byron Bay who teaches the journey of Kundalini Yoga – From there I had run into an old friend Judy Yang who taught the most amazing Yin Yoga – her one on one sessions inspired me so much I then was looking for my next journey to teach.

I completed my Yoga Teacher Training at My Health Yoga under the guidance of many teachers who incorporate different styles and techniques. My teaching style incorporates a combination of meditation -asanas – gentle flow – yin yoga – sound healing and gifting the art to all students the art of surrendering.

Yoga can stretch you in ways you dont expect emotionally not just physically. When we are in our emotional state on our Matt’s it opens up your mind to the possibility there is a whole world within you waiting to be ‘Discovered’

I believe Yoga is your own personal journey – it can take you deep into a place that’s complete bliss, sometimes challenging and often relaxing – My Journey is always changing with Yoga and I believe that ‘Yoga Is A Journey For Every Individual’ And then BOHO Yoga Journeys was born..