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As humans, we are all operating on a vibrational level every second of the day.  Our breath is a very big part of this vibration as it is attached to emotions and feelings. When you are sad your breath changes, when you are excited your breath quickens when you are relaxed your breath is slower and softer.

Sound Healing or Sound Bath’s as people know, by using high and low-frequency instruments that will place  the mind, body and breath  into a state of deep relaxation, improves physical and mental health and even long-term healing

What sound healing instruments does Lauren play
Lauren plays a variety of relaxing meditation sounds using beautifully handcrafted sound healing instruments from Bali, Sri Lanka and all around the world.  Lauren keeps the authenticity of her instruments by hand playing every instrument in line with the energies in the room. Lauren will play multiple instruments at any one time so you will feel like the sound vibration is coming from every angle in the room.

Laurens sound instruments are including:

  • Harmonious gongs from Nepal and Kalimbas from Peru
  • Hand Crafted Hand Pan delivering melodic sound
  • Angelic Chakra Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Koshi Chimes and Vibrational Triangle Crystal Sounds
  • Rain Wheels and Ocean Wheels and much more
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Hi! I'm Lauren

Lauren is based on the beautiful northern end of the Gold Coast. Growing up surrounded by nature and water elements her whole life, her love for peace and natural elements and healing is in her bones from a very young age.

As a certified yoga and meditation facilitator, Lauren is passionate about the benefits of sound modalities and their healing benefits.  Laurens extensive training comes to you from the beautiful foothills of Bali and Sri Lanka by some of the best practitioners and healers in the world. By combining her knowledge and extensive training and passions for yoga, meditation and sound healing, her mission is to deliver these healing modalities to everyone she meets, inspiring people to work on their own spiritual and emotional paths of wellbeing through sound healing.

Lauren has facilitated workshops all over Australia and Overseas, facilitating large groups at festivals such as the Starlight Festival, Logan Festival, Conscious Life Festival and Yamba Yoga Festival.  She also travels all over Australia offering her workshops at various Yoga Studios and Yoga Retreats.

On a personal note, Lauren also comes from running and owning a successful high flying corporate business and knows the importance and benefits to stop, breath, rest and relax.  Her understanding of people who operate at high levels enables her to deliver and understand why Sound Healing is needed to assist with physical and mental burnout.

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Sound Healing is a very powerful tool for healing many facets of the mind and body. We live in such a Yang style world, always doing and not taking advantage of the smaller moments in between of being. Sound healing can assist with many facets of emotional build-ups in the body and mind, aiding and assisting with:

  • Release Physical and emotional blockages
  • Increased focus and clarity
  • Release Anxiety & Depression
  • Decreases Stress & Fatigue
  • Relaxation and Rejuvenation
  • Calm the mind and body and regulate the immune system
  • Balance Nervous System
  • Communicate messages to your deeper subconscious
  • Elevate your spiritual wellbeing
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