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At the core of our existence, we are made up of vibrational energy. Every breath we take is a symphony of emotion and sensation. When joy fills our hearts, our breath dances with excitement, and in moments of serenity, it flows with gentle tranquillity.

Sound Healing—often referred to as a Sound Bath—taps into this primal connection between breath, body, and vibration. Through the enchanting sound and vibration of high and low-frequency instruments, it guides your mind, body, and breath into a profound state of relaxation. This ancient practice not only enhances physical and mental well-being but also nurtures long-term healing.

Discover the Instruments of Healing with Lauren

Allow Lauren to lead you on a transformative journey with her collection of handcrafted sound healing instruments sourced from the enchanting landscapes of Bali, Sri Lanka, India, Mullumbimby, and beyond. Each instrument possesses a unique authenticity that Lauren preserves through her soulful, hands-on approach.

In her sessions, Lauren masterfully orchestrates a symphony of sound, playing multiple instruments simultaneously, enveloping you in a multidimensional wave of vibrations. Immerse yourself in the live, curated soundscapes of Lauren’s music, and experience the harmonious balance between mind, body, and spirit that sound therapy offers. Welcome to a world where sound becomes your guide to healing and restoration.

What sound healing instruments does Lauren play
Lauren plays a variety of relaxing meditation sounds using beautifully handcrafted sound healing instruments from Bali, Sri Lanka and all around the world.  Lauren keeps the authenticity of her instruments by hand playing every instrument in line with the energies in the room. Lauren will play multiple instruments at any one time so you will feel like the sound vibration is coming from every angle in the room.

  • Harmonious gongs from Nepal and Kalimbas from Peru
  • Hand Crafted Hand Pan delivering melodic sound
  • Angelic Chakra Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Koshi Chimes and Vibrational Triangle Crystal Sounds
  • Rain Wheels and Ocean Wheels and much more
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Hi! I'm Lauren

Lauren’s journey has taken her on profound pilgrimages to Bali, a place where she found solace and healing amidst the challenges of life. Over two decades, her visits to this spiritually potent island began as a response to heartbreak, family struggles, and incessant worries about success, money, and love. Through it all, Lauren practiced self-care and introspection, delving into various healing modalities in Bali. 

Bali became her sanctuary, a place where Lauren discovered the transformative power of ancient sound healing, silent meditation, gong sound therapy of unparalleled depth, Vibro sound healing, light therapy, and even immersion on waterbeds with resonant soundscapes. She embraced the soothing vibrations of Tibetan sound bowls and the ethereal experience of live Kirtan sound healing. 

Lauren’s approach to these practices is unique; she immerses herself fully in the cultures that foster them, selecting important dates aligned with their spiritual significance for her own healing rituals. Purification ceremonies and the nurturing of her body with nourishing foods, including fasting in preparation for these sacred moments, have been integral to her journey.  

One of the most transformative aspects of her exploration has been her engagement with the Balinese community, where she found instant clarity and received profound messages when immersed in their culture and teachings. She realized that her wishes and intentions had the power to manifest into reality.

With a substantial investment of time, energy, and resources over the past 2 decades, Lauren honed her expertise in these healing arts, and now she is dedicated to sharing these gifts with others. Her repertoire includes an extensive list of Sound Healing modalities, Yin Yoga, meditation, and the soothing practice of Yin breathwork. Her training spans the Gold Coast and Byron Bay, to Bali and Sri Lanka and she’s now embarking on the path of Vocal Sound 

Lauren has conducted workshops across the East Coast of Australia and has performed at many festivals,  has even extended her healing reach to corporate environments, where owning a successful high-flying corporate business showed her the importance and benefits to stop, breath, rest, and relax. To Lauren, knowledge is power, and she passionately believes in the transformative potential of healing to empower others on their own unique journeys.


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Lauren is so divine to work with. At short notice, she agreed to support my retreat with a beautifully curated sound healing experience. We felt cocooned in the space with the sounds vibrating through us and washing over us. Each of my retreat participants agreed that it was truly a highlight of our weekend together, with the benefits of experience evident in the days following. Thank you for the incredible soulful work that you bring to the world

Nicki BrownYoga Retreat Sanctuary Cove Review

Lauren’s sound healing was the experience that changed who I am today. As a part-time professional athlete, I’m always on the go and being able to be a part of Lauren’s sound healing experience sent me into the deepest form of relaxation. I was able to experience, feel and switch off during the session which allowed me to find my inner self. It was eye-opening and I will be attending future experiences.

Serene WatsonSuns AFL Athlete Review

During the experience, I feel my whole body just giving into the vibration and sound. My whole being is filled with the sound of the gong, the sound of the singing bowls, chimes, and the music. It’s a really special gift to give yourself this time and space. I’m always taken to another dimension while feeling so relaxed during and after. Everyone should experience one of Lauren’s Yin Yoga and Sound Healing classes at least once in their life

Taryn Poole

I went to my first Sound Healing class with Lauren not knowing what to expect. I had experienced Yin yoga but not sound healing. The minute I entered the room I felt relaxed and safe and like something special was going to happen. From the first postures and instruments, I was able to drop into a deep space of relaxation, unlike anything I had experienced before. Lauren gently guided us through, reminding us to breathe out the past and breathe in the future. But when the sound healing started I was blown away! I wanted to peek at what she was doing, but my body wouldn’t move as my mind floated to other places and my body relaxed. This was such an amazing experience that I have continued to go to her sound healing classes. For me the amazing changes happened after her classes also, I feel at peace and aligned for days after each class, and it feels like blocks are removed as my focus is clearer and awesome opportunities have been arriving in my life. I am grateful for these experiences and highly recommend Lauren’s classes - especially if you want “wow” in your life - for that’s what happens! Each class is “WOW!” #highlyrecomend

Dani WatsonInstructor, Skate Nao

I tried Yin Yoga and Sound Healing for the first time with the beautiful and harmonious Lauran Siafas. Throughout the entire experience, she was relaxed and calming which created a safe place to let yourself go. Lauren offers sounds from different cultures and traditions and the vibrations that pass through your body is truly an experience that touches every part of your physical being and deep into every cell of your body. This entire process created harmony, calmness and true relaxation, which has had a huge personal effect since attending her class. I feel more connected with my mind and body, and it has helped me become grounded. I felt so balanced and regenerated after Laurens class and it helped me shift some mental blockages allowing me to let go and release tension and built-up energy and turn it into peaceful bliss. This style of yoga has shown me another side to traditional yoga and given me ways to really release mental and physical tension while connecting deeply to my inner self.

Kyla Mackie

I love Lauren’s restorative yoga and sound healing classes, I’ve attended a few now and each time have experienced compassion towards my body and a deep sense of rest. My partner came to one class with me and he went on a powerful visual journey through the sounds Lauren plays which allowed for awareness and healing within himself, so it was very powerful for him in this way. Today’s world needs more of this, so thank you Lauren for creating this loving space for all

Melinda Jayne

I’ve been to lots of sound healing offerings around the Gold Coast over the last 10 years - Lauren is amazing and I can’t recommend her highly enough! She’s helped me learn to use sound to drop deeper into my meditation and allow the healing of vibrational sound to work its magic within me. I’ve been battling breast cancer and Lauren’s sound has helped me go within to seek healing. Lauren is a beautiful human who is also incredibly talented and blessed with this gift, I’m so happy to have found her! Love her so much!
Corrine, Broadbeach Kind Regards

Corrine Barraclough

My friend recommended Lauren's sound healing and I melted into my "self" with no problem. I have been to sound healings before, however this was next level. It was such a privilege to have experienced her sound healing in a private session. Loved it, thank you Lauren! Lee, Main Beach

Lee Forbes


Sound Healing is recognized as a potent tool for healing and bringing harmony to your mind, body, and soul. In a world driven by Yang-style living, where incessant activity overshadows moments of introspection, Sound Therapy offers a sanctuary of healing.

 This transformative practice addresses emotional build-ups within the body and mind, offering release from physical and emotional blockages that accumulate over time. Through the deep power of healing sounds, it sharpens focus and enhances mental clarity, enabling you to navigate life with more peace and harmony. 

 For those burdened by anxiety and depression, Sound Healing provides solace, alleviating stress and fatigue. It becomes a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, fostering inner calm while regulating the immune system and harmonizing the nervous system. 

 Sound Healing isn’t just about immediate relief; it’s a gateway to your deeper subconscious, allowing you to connect with your inner wisdom. Ultimately, it offers a transformative path to elevate your spiritual well-being, guiding you toward heightened consciousness and enlightenment.

 Embark on a holistic journey of healing, where your mind, body, and spirit connect harmoniously through the transcendent art of Sound Healing.

  • Release Physical and emotional blockages
  • Increased focus and clarity
  • Release Anxiety & Depression
  • Decreases Stress & Fatigue
  • Relaxation and Rejuvenation
  • Calm the mind and body and regulate the immune system
  • Balance Nervous System
  • Communicate messages to your deeper subconscious
  • Elevate your spiritual well-being
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